Most apes can´t read for sh*t. The ones that do, usually can´t make sense of sentences containing more than 6 words.   

After many years of special traning ape today is able to put together words sense to make.   

Read for yourself and feel the instant depowerment! 🦍   


Ape: popular term used for redditors amongst themself.    

Citadel LLC: Wall Street hedge fund who took a 2bio$ stake in Melvin and effectively bailed from (perhaps) going bankrupt during the GME run.   

DD Collector: ape (or human) who collects a lot of data and share with fellow apes on internetforas or social media.

DD (Due Diligence): to do your homework collecting info, factchecking and looking objectively at facts.

Doge: popular crypto coin on internet and social media - partially supported by Elon Musk who has mentioned it in a few tweets.

Dry Ships: means the price for GME/AMC will actually make it to moon, but too many fellow apes paper handed on the way.

Diamond Hands: meaning you are not selling, even if the price keeps falling - the opposite of Paper Hands.    

Failed-To-Deliver (FTD): is when a short position can't give back the stock shorted hence Failed To Deliver.     

GME Millionaire: individual who became millionaire from GME stocks. DeepFuckingValue being the most famous one and early investor.

Keith Gill: aka Roaring Kitty on youtube aka reddit user u/DeepF***Value.      

Kenneth Griffin: CEO of Citadel LLC which is a hedge fund on Wall Street. In this context Citadel was the HF bailing Melvin out by taking a stake for 2bio$.     

MOASS: Mother Of All Short Squeezes. The biggest short squeeze in history.

Melvin Capital: one of the hedge funds that shorted GME and according to CEO, Gabe Plotkin, lost 53% of their net worth during the GME run. CEO: Kenneth Griffin.    

Naked Shorts: a (illegal) way to short a stock even more than 100%. It is certainly ethical questionable, and should for sure be by law as well. 

Pre Market: movements before market opening.

Paper Hands: stock holders selling out at first sign of decrease in price.   

Roaring Kitty: aka Keith Gill aka reddit user u/DeepF***Value.  

Robin Hood: popular US stock broker with the mission to "democratize investing". Center of a lot of controversy for haulting GME stock during the spike to 480.   

Short Interest: constitutes how many shares are shorted. Can be of either Outstanding (total) or Float (available to trade).  

Shit post: post (on Reddit) which aims to discourage fellow apes from buying and supporting GME (or AMC) stocks hence use FUD or fake news/facts.

Short Selling: betting on a stock to decrease price. The opposite of long positions which is the more common, especially for retail investors and non-professionals. Comes with great risk in theory infinite. 

u/DeepFuckingValue: aka Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty on Youtube.      

Vlad Tenev: CEO of Robin Hood. One of the key players in understanding why the GME run ended the way it did.  

We like the stock: Apes are no financial advisors, we just like the stock.

WallStreetBets: Reddit subforum where the hype took off.

YOLO: Don' t do retarded sh*t.