EVERYTHING that can be read and found on this website is not to be taken literally, but is pure specualation and fiction mixed with a lot of imagination – GmeOfApes are not in any way providing financial advice. 

Information read or found on this website, or other channels, should hence not be taken as such, but strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Ape needs to due his/her own due dilligence and factcheck accordingly.

… and that´s a fact!

🦧🦧🦧***Anyway, so what did you say GmeOfApes are all about?***🦧🦧🦧

Doing the right thing.

… oh yeah, and distributing wealth from the filthy rich Top 1% to as many average apes as freaking possible.

Too much to mention here, but ape can only suggest fellow ape to have a look around the website, which is for entertainment purposes only – oh yeah, and for apes with too much time on their diamond hands.

🤨🤨🤨***Who are ape to say they know better?***🤨🤨🤨

GmeOfApes does not (and would never) claim to know better, in fact rather the opposite – we are just apes and retards banned together.

Yes. We do sympathize with Keith Gill, the worldwide retail share holders and the Gamestop Saga in general.

Simply put, GmeOfApes aims to collect and share info public available out there across platforms like: Reddit, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, different youtubers, facebook, twitter and more.

… so fellow ape can make his own decision!

🥱🥱🥱***Sounds pretty boring to me, why should I believe GmeofApes?***🥱🥱🥱

You should not believe anything, you don´t want to.

This ape certainly won´t try to convince you of anything. Ape eat crayon from the ground.

Ape only hopes for fellow ape decisions are  made on the basis of reasonable information and facts – the more the marrier.

Gather info, interpret them for yourself and act accordingly.

That´s the way… to stay a true retard!


💰💰💰***Sure, it aint all about the shenanigans and bananas, ape?****💰💰💰

Shenaningans. Yes.

Bananas. No.

Ape holds an insignificant amount of bananas, less than 50, which is a drop in the ocean.

Ape is just retard barely able to read 4-letter words, ape just sharing info public available out there for anyone to look into.

Ape not claiming anything, providing any advice of any kind – ape just the messenger!