If ape say so.

And sure. If the reported numbers for Short Interest (SI) for GME is showing a decreasing interest, at least in that sense it is decreasing.

No way around that, right?

… unless…

Nah. That that seems to obvious, doenst it?

What if an ETF holding GME was shorted and then all other stonks in that ETF was bought up for hedging out risk. Wouldn´t that effectively mean a short of GME?

Pass that banana on, ape!

So, what are you exactly saying, fellow ape?

Well, I guess if I was apeployee of a banana fund, my thinking would look something like this:

My main objective is to short banana competitor A – and hopefully make ape go out of monkey business and make more bananas for this ape.

Ape can´t do it the normal way anymore, because retarded apes bought all available bananas on the market, and are not selling for cheap price.

Ape will buy (short) ETF with 10 banana competitors incl. GME. Then ape will buy long positions in 9 stonks except GME.

That way CES and NIFRA won´t know what this ape is doing.

This ape only little bit retarded.


What are them retards now up to?

How did they find out?!

Ape don´t like retards.

Facts, ARE facts – just not always the way we think of them!


Looking at a case where 9 out of 10 stocks get shorted, but the 10´s doesn´t, does seem a bit.. odd.

From the perspective of a complete retard, some of the more obvious questions seems to be:

What sort of explanation or circumstances would makes sense in this case?

If you are shorting an ETF and then buy long positions in 9, is there then any other alternatives besides the obvious one?

If you are doing the above, why not just short the 1 stock rather than go throough this mascarede and cover up?

 What would you possibly gain from this?

… unless obviously put in the contect of the hole GME Saga – Think for ape self!